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Fur Coats & All listings on our web site are currently offered with a $9.99 listing fee and a brokerage fee of 25% for items selling between $100-$300. There is a 15% fee for items selling for $300- $600, and 10% fee for items ranging from $601 - $900. Finally,5% for item seeling between $1000 - and up. These fees will be deducted from the sale price of the item when it is sold. This is compared to 50% that most consignment services charge. We feel certain that this is the lowest price available. To clarify: your item will be listed for a non-refundable fee of $9.99 and will be listed for one year. Once the item is sold the brokerage fee will apply. Please keep these fees in mind when setting the asking price for your listing. Payment for the brokerage fee (when the item is sold) will automatically be deducted from the payment we receive from the buyer. You can cancel your listing at any time, for any reason. To cancel your listing, please e-mail us at, and indicate your escrow item number. (You can find the escrow item number by viewing the item on our web site.) When items are shipped to us, they must be insured for the full purchase price that you're requesting for the item. This is to protect you from loss or damage during transit. Method of shipment is up to you, but the item must be traceable (UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, etc.), insured, and arrive in a timely fashion - - when you're shipping us an item, we've already received payment from the buyer, and they're expecting the item's prompt delivery. If an item must be returned to you (buyer is unhappy), it will be shipped via United States Postal Service. Seller is responsible for shipping charges between Fur Outlet and the seller.
fur, fur coats, fur fetish, mink, mink coat, faux fur, silver fox, luxury gift, fur trade, fake fur, fur fur coat, outerwear, bcf, mink blankets
fur, fur coats, fur fetish, mink, mink coat, faux fur, silver fox, luxury gift, fur trade, fake fur, fur fur coat, outerwear, bcf, mink blankets
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Customer Testimonials

What have some of our customers said about us?

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, December 12, 2010

         HI HELEN: We thank u for the extra bags; that was a very kind gesture on your behave!The Veterans Admin. has had me jumping thru ropes w/it's X-MAS blitz, to get as many combat vets thru and into the system againso they can try to get more money for next yr., so i've been pretty weighed under, but I promise u you'll have those pictures before x-mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It' been pretty cold down here the last few day's, so I thought I'd put a good one on the V.A. today; I put on a pair of very lightweight fishing outfit then put my new fur on & wore it straight thru the front entrance. U should have seen the looks I got, there I was in shorts, deck shoes and my fur coat on! I thank u for being so cordial w/ us, and once again, U & all your family, extended as well have a wonderfull holiday

                                                        MY BEST: BRAD

December 07, 2010

         Dear Gentlepeople:I spoke to a lovely lady this morning and finished my order with a hunter green coat and hat. She is wonderful and sweet and I wish her a wonderful holiday and to all of you. Thank you so much.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

         Received my coat today and it is gorgeous. Fits me perfectly and I am totally in love with it. Thank you so much. Love the cold weather only for this reason.


 Date : September 29th, 2010

         Received the muttan coat yesterday. It's beautiful. Couldn't be happier.

                                                        Carol from the United States

 Date : February 13th, 2006

         I received my fur coat today and I must say it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much, Will buy off of you in the future.

                                                        Tracey from the United Kingdom

 Date : November 16th, 2005

 Dear Sirs,

        The raccoon fur coat finally arrived today. The quality is far better than we expected and we are so much satisfied with it. Thank you so much for your attention on us far away from Japan. Just a question, but do you have any agency or distriutor here in Japan? Do you see any business possibility here in Japan? We just imagine to do business with you for Japanese possible consumers. Anyway, thank you again for your lovely product and kind attention.

        With best regards,
                                       Mitsuji from Hiroshima JAPAN

   Date : November 8th, 2005

I Just wanted to let you know it was recieved. It is gorgeous and well worth the wait. Hope to do business with you again in the future.


   Date : September 16th, 2004

          Your're the best! Thanks for all your help. I will absolutely refer anyone that wants fur products to you.


   Date: July 20th, 2004

          My hat arrived last week and it's great. A perfect fit. Thank you very much. I love it !!!


   Date: March 22nd, 2004


              I have recieved my order and want to say thank you again for your service.


   Date: May 17th, 2004


         I Just got home from work this evening, and I recieved my new fur hat. It is absolutely lovely. I cannot believe how perfect you made it. I just thought I would send you a quick email to say how much I love it, and to thank you for all of your patience. Thanks so much.


Date: December 12, 2003

I did receive it this morning, just beautiful, I'm thinking about ordering another one and also a blanket in the near future.


Date: December, 05 2003

Happy Day!!!!

I recieved my order today and boy was I a happy camper. it was beautiful and I'm truly pleased. Everyone wants to know, where I had gotten them from. Needless to say, I gave your name and address to everyone. I guess now, I'll be your walking billboard, hahah. My thanks to you and your staff for a beautiful and well done job. I can't wait to pay off my lay-a-away and place an other order. There are a few more things I really need.

Mucha love,



Date: Year 2003

I recieved my order last night. What a gorgeous fur for my vintage Barbie! The boots, hat and purse are adorable! What a great job. I have one suggestion: Put your label inside the furs for the dollsl as well! Years from now I won't remeber from who I purchased that gorgeous fur from Barbie.





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