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fur, fur coats, fur fetish, mink, mink coat, faux fur, silver fox, luxury gift, fur trade, fake fur, fur fur coat, outerwear, bcf, mink blankets
fur, fur coats, fur fetish, mink, mink coat, faux fur, silver fox, luxury gift, fur trade, fake fur, fur fur coat, outerwear, bcf, mink blankets
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 BENEFITS OF FUR - January 1, 2015

No matter if you wear fur jackets, coats or hats, the reality is that fur has always been a very interesting material to wear, created to specifically make a person stand out and look stunning. Any fur product shows royalty and great teste, so by wearing such a clothing item you are bound to improve your image and increase your social status. Alongside that, fur comes with a ton of other benefits as well, benefits that we are going to showcase in this article.


This is one of the natural uses of fur, and why people started created clothing items from it in the first place. Fur is warm and it can help you withstand low temperatures, which is a great thing to say the least. Fur is suitable for a wide range of clothing items Thanks to the fact that its easy to deal with during the manufacturing process, fur is suitable for numerous types of clothing, but you should know that you can even add accessories that match fur in a stunning way too.


Fur is durable, and clothing items made out of it are impervious to deterioration, so you can keep it a long period of time without wearing, which is really cool.

Great look

Just as we mentioned, fur is one of the best looking materials and thanks to it you can easily make a statement no matter where you go. Fur is suitable for any kinds of events, especially those that take place in the social elite, as this is how you can show your financial value and make a stand in front of investors for example. This material is one of the best ones to showcase your personal wealth, but it also provides you with the much needed style that you do want in any situation.


Since fur clothing is easy to wear and create, many people consider it as an investment in clothing, since this has always been an item that critics enjoyed. Sure, you can also use faux fur, but this just doesnt bring the exquisite look that you are looking for in this regard. Natural fur has its own smell and look that you just cant replace with any fake material, and because of that people all over the world still appreciate the wonderful and exciting look of natural fur.
For a very long time, clothing items made out of fur has always been exciting to look at, not to mention that many persons used them as the means to showcase their wealth. The tendencies remain the same nowadays, so if you are looking for a great and durable material for your clothes, then fur is definitely the best one you can find! With the help of natural fur you impress everyone and also get more self-confidence as well, not to mention that you will feel great at all times. This is why wearing fur is recommended and exciting at the same time!

 FUR FASHION - January 10, 2015

Fur is more than just a fad, it comes and goes as year go by. This day and age, fur coats, boots, vest, and many other products are made of real or fake fur. Although fur was huge in the 70s and 80s, many celebrities are bringing the fur style back in action. A main celebrity who can get away with wearing fur as well as having fur on their clothing line is Jennifer Lopez. Fur is mainly worn by women because majority of the stylist and manufactures are only making women products.

The most popular well known fur products would have to be coats and boots. Fur coats can be worn longer than your knees or shorter than your knees. This is a very stylish look that started way back when and usually makes its way back into the picture and trendy styles during the winter time because it tends to keep people warmer than any other coat products. Real fur verses fake fur has as similar look to it, but fake fur will not keep you nearly as warm as real fur from animals such as foxes, beavers, coyotes, and sheep. These animal furs are used because they have such warm and beautiful that would make such a great fashion statement. The furs of these animals have such a soft and fluffy fur that is comfortable and stylish to wear. These animals use their fur mainly to keep them warm, hence why many clothing and shoe products are made of these few specific animal furs.

There are many other animals that fur can come from, a main one for the second most popular product, boots, would have to be sheep fur. Sheep fur is very well known to make boots. Boots such as the fashionable UGG product uses sheep fur to keep peoples feet nice and warm. UGG has been around for years and are very well known around the world. UGG has products that include boots (tall or short), slippers, sandals, sneakers, and now even purses with sheep fur insides, as well as sleepwear and bath robes. UGG is one brand that has many unisex products of fur which makes them such a popular and well known brand. Fur is seen all around the world in many different fashion senses. There are many new designs that have become very popular to the female eyes, which would be animal print fur. Real fur can be very expensive. Manufactures have to go out and get the fur before they can make an actual product out of it. That process itself takes a lot of time and money. Real fur is expensive just as any other real product would be, but just as any real product, real fur is extremely beautiful, soft, and warm.

 FURJanuary 15, 2015

Fur coats and vests are a fad that keeps popping up out of nowhere. One day they are popular, the next they arent. There are different types of fur coats that are made from real animal fur, while some are fake, made essentially from oils such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester.

Some people might argue that fur should not be worn or even made in general. These products are made from the skin and fur of a once living animal that was killed just to make material and some money. There are many different ways that people kill and skin the animals that they take their fur from. Hunters will normally just shoot them, while others have fur farms that capture certain animals to obtain their fur. In a fashion sense, of course real fur is better than fake fur. Anything real will always be better than something that is fake, no matter what it may be. Animals are designed to have soft, warm, beautiful fur and when the animal is skinned, it still keeps that soft, warm, beautiful feeling to it that makes a wonderful fabric for coats, vests, boots, etc. Lynx, lamb, fox, beavers, and wolves are the most common types of fur to be worn. Fake fur just doesnt cut it. Although fake fur is not nearly as nice as real fur, people tend to wear fake fur as well. Real fur tends to be very expensive and the fact that animals have to be killed and skinned in order to make material, people try to stay away from real fur. Fake fur is made from many different oils and fabrics in order to get as close to real fur as possible. Fake fur is soft and will keep you warm, but it does not even compare to real fur. Animals have fur to stay warm in the winter and when using their fur, it will do the same for people as well.

Celebrities are always caught wearing fur and they do not wear fake fur. They are able to afford real fur and find it very fashionable no matter what it does to animals. Wearing fur is a fashion that comes and goes. One second it will be in style and the next it wont be, but it always comes back. During the winter time, fur is seen as hats, coats, vests, and boots. Sometimes multiple types of furs are used for one product to make the fabrics softer or rougher depending on what it is needed for.

During fashion week, you tend to see many different styles and of course fur is always very common to see for clothing especially during the winter. Fashion weeks are all about elegance and the many varieties of styles proves to be eye catching to everyone who is in attendance or watching around the globe. While fur coats are still relevant, the new style of fur is seen to be short length all-fur dresses. This style is worn to look classy, yet still be able to keep warm even though it is meant to be eye-popping and sexy. When deciding what new approach to tackle, always have a keen eye for different types of fur clothing and remember, dress to impress!

 FURACCESSORIES - January 31, 2015

Although many of us nowadays tend to wear fur as a clothing item rather than anything else, the reality is that fur has way more uses, and in fact it can also make a perfect accessory, as long as you combine it the right way. What types of accessories are made out of fur? You will be astonished to find out that alongside the normal coats, jackets or the day to day vest, you can also wear a fur hat, fur headband, ear muffs, scarves, collars, cuffs, and you can even wear some hand bags that have fur tails and inserts in them.

Fur headbands have become a complete accessory and most of the time you will find on women, mainly because this is not a trend for mens apparel. For women though, the fur headband provides a stunning, appealing and definitely an exciting look that they will like for sure. What makes the handbag different is that it oozes a lot of quality and style, something that you can hardly find nowadays on the market.

Ear muffs made out of fur are an interesting new accessory you can wear nowadays. Sure, they are new and quite interesting, but the thing that makes them so impressive is the fact that they not only bring a good design, but they also protect your year, as they are suitable for keeping you warm during those cold winter months. They are a great investment and a stellar accessory, not to mention that there are mens and womens models alike.

During fashion week, you tend to see many different styles and of course fur is always very common to see for clothing especially during the winter. Fashion weeks are all about elegance and the many varieties of styles proves to be eye catching to everyone who is in attendance or watching around the globe. While fur coats are still relevant, the new style of fur is seen to be short length all-fur dresses. This style is worn to look classy, yet still be able to keep warm even though it is meant to be eye-popping and sexy. When deciding what new approach to tackle, always have a keen eye for different types of fur clothing and remember, dress to impress!

Collars and cuffs created out of fur are also an interesting accessory, and even some might think that they are out of fashion, reality is that they look neat and provide a stunning appeal to the person wearing them. Cuffs are particularly interesting as they are rare and seeing them as an accessory nowadays is a sheer beauty.

Lastly, you can also find fur handbags as accessories. Sure, no one wears handbags made entirely out of fur, but most have fur inserts such as tails for example that give some stunning, appealing and exciting look that many women look for when purchasing such a product. As you can see, there are multiple fur accessories that you can wear, and it all depends on the style that you have. No worries, there are enough models and accessories for any style, so just try to get some new fur accessories and you will see how easy they can improve your current look.

 FURIS BACK IN FASHION February 15, 2015

For a very long time people seemed to have the idea that fur is no longer a fashionable item, at least not according to the most popular designers that you can find right now on the market. This trend managed to enter the high class and because of that no person with a high social status would be seen in something else. Right now, it seems that the tides have turned as those persons are the ones that are wearing only fur all the time. As we all know, the trends in fashion tend to change very often and because of that many of us tend to ignore them. Still, fur has been a fashionable and very appealing item for centuries now, and denying its interesting vision and design is something that we shouldnt treat lightly. Even from the cavemen and up to the modern men, we used fur as a fashionable item, and thus we have all the reasons to wear this stunning, natural and exciting type of apparel.

Fur did create quite a lot of controversy especially during the 90s, but thankfully things are back in place right now in the 21st century. Numerous couture houses, especially the ones in Paris are using fur again to showcase their latest trends and clothing ideas, but the most interesting thing here is that other countries are implementing the same ideas as well. In fact, Mongolian collections tend to focus on fur quite a lot, and so are many European manufacturers of luxury clothing. One thing is certain, fur is by far one of the most exciting clothing items and nothing can take that away at all times!

Because of the reappearance of fur in the latest trends, it seems that manufacturers are finally understanding the crucial role that fur has on the market. Its much more than a simple item that people can use to create coats, instead its a major accomplishment in regards to the overall ideals and quality that people wants from clothing. When you wear a clothing item, you want to look good in it, to stand out, but also to be protected by harm and any other issues. After all, wearing fur has always been a statement, and thankfully that statement has come back time and time again. Lets face it, times when fur wont be in fashion will come and go, but the reality is that people will still wear new and old jackets, coats, hats, vintage fur or just about anything created out of it. Why is that? Because people love clothing items that ooze great taste and high quality, something that only the fur can provide.

So yes, finally fur is a fashionable item. But deep inside we dont need the approval of experts, because fur has always been and it will always be an amazing, exciting and reputable fashion item. Dont listen to those trends that continually add and remove fur from the most coveted lists, and instead focus on using fur as the best fashion product out there!

 SEWING FUR - MARCH 10, 2015

Sewing fur can be a very interesting idea if you want to create your own coat for the long and cold winters. You can try to follow some sewing patterns with faux fur, or you can use natural fur in order to get the best results. The main idea when you sew fur is to find the best material to use. You need to remember that the thicker and heavier the fur is, the harder it can be for you to sew. Its important to find an option that has a low pile, as this makes the sewing experience much simpler. After choosing the fur type you want to work on, its imperative to start acquiring a few pieces, as this is a very important thing.

Start by cutting the pieces and make sure that everything looks well when laid down. Its imperative to cut the pieces the same way if you want exquisite results. You need to cut only through a single layer of fur at a time, as this makes the whole process generate bigger and better results in the end. We recommend that you use a sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade for the backing of the fur, as this is where you will get the most problems. Its recommended to comb the edges of the fur that you just cut, as this brings you better results most of the time. If you get your strands caught in the seams then things can turn into a real nightmare, so try to avoid that at all costs. This particular process is long and it requires a lot of time as well as attention, but if done properly it can make your whole fur look even better. We think that the best stitch length when working with fur is around 2.5 to 3, and if possible you should sew inch seams or enlarge if needed. Sometimes, you might find yourself sewing fur to a piece of fabric thats lighter than the fur on its own. In this particular situation, its a good idea to maintain the fur on top, or you might get some problems with the overall fabric.

Even after you sew a seam, you need to make sure that everything is ok by combing out the remaining stands. Once you finish the fur sewing process, we recommend you to make sure that you clean the machine immediately after that. Its a crucial process that maintains your workdesk clean, not to mention that fur accumulation within your sewing machine can destroy it in time by causing permanent damage. As you can see, sewing fur is an interesting, although tedious and very demanding process. Its exciting to see how from simple fur you can create one of a kind results that will impress your friends and family. Creating your own fur sewing process is very exciting, and you are bound to get some astonishing results in the end!

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